M1 - Pure Freedom

The M1 is a reliable and durable power wheelchair

with a low seat height, three power function options,

and flip-up lockable armrests. Powered by the Permobil

battery system, so you can drive safely and

comfortably to where you need to be.


Quality backrest options

Select from a variety of positioning options fitting a tubular backrest from a simple curved back to the more advanced Comfort Acta-Back®, Acta-Relief ™ and ROHO® AGILITY® Max Contour.


More drivability

The new Permobil battery and Permobil VoltPro charger work together to provide you with up to 25% greater driving distance, optimized charging times and longer battery life.

Power recline

Power recline changes the angle of the back at the touch of a button. This redistributes pressure for increased comfort and sitting tolerance while making it easy to adopt a relaxing position.


Power tilt

The power tilt option allows tilting the seat up to 50° to promote a resting position or pressure distribution. Tilt can also be used to improve comfort, trunk stability and head control.


Power elevating leg rest option

Provides the possiblity to change position easily for more comfort. It may also contribute to improved lower extremity circulation.

Comfortable reliable drivability

Smooth suspension helps to reduce vibration and a low center of gravity with mid-wheel traction means you can drive in comfort for longer. Adaptable seating accommodates postural or functional changes over time.


Compact and transportable

A compact footprint and a foldable backrest option with the EZ-fold funciton to save space when storing or transporting your M1.

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